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How can I help bring your story to life?

When you hear the word copy it makes you furrow your brow

Copy is a fancy pancy marketing term for writing. That's what I specialize in - website content, tag lines, biographies, blog posts - you name it, I'll write it. 


You're An idea machine but need help putting them into action

Have no fear! Your word master is here. Team up with me and we'll work together to give those ideas some legs so they can run all the way to the bank and collect your hard-earned $$$. 


You're searching for the answer to the question, "What's my story?"

We all have a story to tell. Figuring out how to tell it and what makes it worth listening to is where the real work comes in. I'll help you dive a little deeper into "you" so that you can unleash your inner superpower.


Your website is entangled in a web of run on sentences and questionable grammar

Time to bring out the word mower and comb through all that excess jargon. A little verbal pruning if you will. Once we're done with it, you'll have website content that's clear, concise, and communicates your message exactly the way you want it to. 


You're a social media butterfly but can't write a caption to save your life. 

Social media has pared down our ability to communicate via long drawn out rants. Truthfully, we no longer have the attention span for that anyways. So now the question is, how do I get my message across in 100 words or less without sounding like the author of a children's book? Let me show you how the caption captain rolls. 



You want to create a community of raving fans but don't know where to start

It all starts with changing the conversation. That conversation entails 3 magic words: Educate, Inspire, Entertain. Let's work together to put those words into action and turn your audience into raving fans.  


You've got above average writing skills but need a second pair of eyeballs

Here's the deal: I won't physically give you my eyeballs because that's weird but what I can do is use them to edit whatever content you may have for me and help you tighten up any loose n's that might be hanging around. (Pun totally intended).



You're applying for a job but cringe at the thought of writing a resume & Cover Letter

I'll be honest, when I had to write my own cover letter & resume, I cringed too. Who ever thought that making yourself sound like the most hireable person on the planet would be so hard?! I feel you, so that's why I've decided to use my writing skills to help you land that dream job and make sure your resume isn't a grammatical minefield. 


You Feel Like You're missing a "creative Spark" 

Don't beat yourself up over it. We all get into those funks and sometimes we just need a reminder of what we're capable of. So you know what we're gonna do? Light a nice n' toasty fire under your butt to get you back in your creative zone. 



Looking for something specific? 

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