The Storytellers Night mission is to create opportunities for people to share their stories in a social environment that is safe, inclusive, and supportive.

Below is a list of story sharing guidelines to consider when submitting your story.

Your story must:

  • Be a true representation of your lived experience

  • Be relatable to a common theme that people can connect to. Ie: Struggle, Opportunity, Triumph, Failure, Love, Loss, Learning, Inspiration, or Hope.

  • Express a direct action you took that led to a particular outcome and how it changed you

  • Have a personality that excites, captivates, and moves the audience

Your story must not:

  • Speak for someone else’s experience that is outside of your own

  • Speak about another person in a negative context which includes making disrespectful comments about a person’s class, race, orientation, body image, etc.

  • Use offensive or inappropriate language (with the exception of swearing if it relates to the context of your story)

  • Be used as a promotional tool for any products or services you sell. This is for human connection, not personal branding!