Hey there, my fellow entrepreneur. 

First things first, congratulations on your new endeavour! It takes courage to go out on your own and make things happen. Most people are afraid to live outside of their comfort zone but entrepreneurship is the exact opposite of that. You're constantly out of your comfort zone and that means being able to adapt to whatever comes your way whether you're ready for it or not. But that's also the beauty of entrepreneurship isn't it? 

Now that you're officially in start up mode, have you thought about how you're going to tell your story? Maybe you have every single detail mapped out or maybe you're still figuring it out. Either way, you can count on The Storytellers Club to help prepare you for the exciting days ahead. Are you ready? 


5 x 1 hour storytelling sessions that will act as jet fuel for your entrepreneurial rocket. We'll team up and work together one-on-one to prepare your story for its official launch. Assemble your brainstorming helmet and get ready to dive headfirst into the world of content creation.

What will you get from it? 

A handful of notes and guides from each session, a detailed storyboard, and a content map that will show you how and where to share your story. 

The Launch 2.0 Toolkit

Your new business is very much like a rocket ship. There's a lot of things you need to consider before you launch it, otherwise it could take a pretty nasty nosedive. The Launch 2.0 toolkit is all about making sure your business is ready for takeoff in the content department. Think of it as purchasing The Works at the carwash except we'll be brushing you up with words instead of colorful soap. 

What will you get from it? 

A detailed storyboard, full content for a standard 5-page website, and a social media content strategy.