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Storytelling Services

Who’s it for?

The Storytellers Club works with the change-driven entrepreneur who is deeply rooted in their purpose but needs help sharing the story behind it, the community leader who wants to use their story to educate and influence others to take action, and non-profit organizations who rely on the power of story to bring awareness to the cause they are advocating for.

The Storytellers Club provides a variety of storytelling services including one-on-one programs, day camps, story facilitation & consulting.


Storytellers Masterclass

Storytellers Masterclass is a 4-week one-on-one program for change-driven entrepreneurs and community leaders who want to learn more about the art of storytelling and how to utilize it as a communicative tool to create emotionally compelling messages.
Learn more.


Storytellers Camp

Storytellers Camp is a one-day storytelling workshop for small groups that want to learn more about the basics of storytelling and how to apply storytelling techniques to presentations, speeches, or marketing messages. Learn more.


Storytelling for Non-profits

The Storytellers Club works with non-profit organizations to help them gain a deeper understanding of what their story is, who it’s being told to, and how it can be shared in a way that brings awareness to a particular cause and the change it can make in the world. Learn more.


Public Speaking

Hire The Storytellers Club Founder, Ashley Kilback, to speak at your event. Ashley loves to share stories about her own human experience, speak about the power of storytelling, and facilitate deep, meaningful conversations. Learn more about her.