Thoughts: 5-Star Reviews

Think about the kind of words you want to hear from someone when they rave about your product, service, or brand. 

More often than not, we strive for a 5-star rating that comes along with a generic review like, "I visited Sally's Ice Cream Shop last week and had a great experience. They had plenty of flavors to choose from and the staff was very friendly." 

A good review that shares a positive experience.

It's what we all want in terms of building a reputation that keeps people coming through the door but does it speak loudly enough to what it is we actually set out to create? There are endless options for people to get ice cream somewhere else. What's stopping them from just going to their neighborhood supermarket and picking up a giant tub of Ben & Jerry's? 

Imagine if you received a 5-star review that went something like this, "I visit Sally's Ice Cream Shop last week because I heard that they do something special for every single customer that orders the Kindness Cone. I had to go there to see if for myself. Upon ordering the cone, I was given a slip of paper with instructions for doing a random act of kindness. I rarely go out of my way to do things for strangers but this inspired me to be kind more often. Thank you for giving me a reason to love your ice cream even more." 

Notice how the second experience was much more powerful than the first? We all have the ability to do things differently than the rest. We just have to care enough to go the extra mile even if it's just for an ice cream cone.