Getting Outside Of Your Comfort Zone With Capital GMC

When we think of getting outside of our comfort zone, it usually comes along with the idea of doing something that is far beyond what we are familiar with like embarking on a solo backpacking journey across Europe, skydiving, or training for an Ironman for the first time. 

It's experiences like this that compel us to break away from the fear of the unknown and jump into something that will inevitably teach us something about who we are and what it means to live as if we are truly alive. 

However, we aren't always ready to take on these kinds of adventures when the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes we have to take baby steps before we go full tilt into the unknown. It's a matter of starting small and choosing to do things differently in our day-to-day lives.

It's simple things like driving a new car. It's not going to completely alter life as it is (unless you take it out for a wild ride and come home with a dangerous driving offense) but it is going to feel unfamiliar at first and that will take some getting used to. 

I recently had the opportunity to take a Cadillac ATS out for a weekend joyride and I felt that sense of unfamiliarity. I normally drive a small car and I have for quite some time so this experience was new for me. It was taking a baby step outside of my comfort zone. 

After a day of driving around, I started to feel more comfortable and settle into my sweet new ride. That's the moment when something cool happened. I was on my way home when a song came on that I really liked. It was the first time I'd heard it but for some reason, it brought me back to my teenage days when cruising around with my friends was something I did for fun.

It made me want to relive that again. It made me want to take the long way home just so I could enjoy the song for a little while longer. It made me think about new experiences and how they sometimes bring us to reflect upon our past and just how far down the road we've come since then. 

All it takes is just stepping a little outside of our comfort zone.

Capital GMC wants you to do just that this weekend.
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